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When your families suffered intruders, who would protect your families’ life?

When your house suffered banditry, who would protect your property?


When you encountered hijacking on the way, who would protect your security and your car?


When your house suffered fire accident, who would help you to put out the fire immediately?


We could. My company is focus on personal and property safety and provide meticulous security service for our customers. Our security system would bring you the advanced security experience with high reliability, high detective and defense capacity.


Nanjing Tong Yu Electric Co., Ltd. is a modern entrepreneurial technology company specializing in research and development of security technology. We are focus on developing and designing software sytems, and then combined them with "The Internet Of Things" technology into security system, which will provide professional security system for our customers.


Our aim is to minimize the potential risk that faced by users, like burglary and robbery, and provide them for our first-class security system.



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